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Beautiful Nature, Plenty of Space, Absolute Privacy and the Freedom to Explore.

Go on a Journey

Island Discovery

Your own private playground

Desroches Island is a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Endless stretches of blissfully secluded beaches, lush, colourful forests and protected coral reefs beckon you to explore their untouched beauty. And because of the privacy and size of the island, you have absolute freedom of movement and plenty of space. No restrictions, no boundaries and no dangerous animals or traffic – the island is yours! This situation creates the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy all the excellent outdoor features and facilities that Desroches has to offer.


Land-based activities

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Guided Nature Walks


The most fun you can have on two wheels

Cycling is by far the best way to explore and discover the island. You receive your own bicycle for the duration of your stay. The tracks around the island are constantly maintained and lead to almost every corner and secret gem that the island has to offer. So take a map, request a packed lunch, choose a spot and head out to any one of the many pristine beaches and lush corners of your own private island getaway.


All the best things are wild and free

There’s nothing like walking to reconnect with our loved ones, our environment and ourselves. To wander along lush forest paths and deserted beaches with the ocean washing away your footprints brings a wonderful sense of calm and vitality. Enjoy the freedom and safety of Desroches Island and explore by foot to your hearts content. Start your walk along the beach just a few paces from your accommodation to soak up the island atmosphere and take in the beauty of your surroundings.


Game, set and match

If you’re feeling sporty, challenge your friends and loved ones to a game of tennis on the AstroTurf court, situated next to the Cast-a-Way centre. Tennis rackets and balls are provided at your request. Switch the floodlights on for a twilight game when the temperature of the day cools down. Practice your serve to a backdrop of palm tree jungle. There’s nothing like a bit of tennis to build anticipation for that crisp cocktail or ice-cold beer before a delicious dinner.


Stronger, fitter, faster

There’s no excuse to abandon your exercise routine while you’re on holiday at Desroches – but who needs an excuse anyway. If you’re still feeling up to the challenge, the Cast-a-Way centre has a fully equipped, air-conditioned gym to keep you on track. Get your heart rate up, stretch your muscles out or pump some iron while admiring the beautiful island view. With a bit of sunshine on your skin, a few days of outdoor adventures and a couple of sessions in the gym, you’ll be looking and feeling better than ever.

Guided Nature Walks

An island with a life of its own

The resident conservation team at the Island Conservation Society offers guided informative nature walks around the island where guests can learn about current research and conservation projects and the fauna and flora of the island. Take a stroll through various island habitats starting at the coast where you might be lucky enough to spot nestling turtles, then head back through the forest, visiting the vegetable gardens and tree nursery along the way. End the walk off with a visit to the biggest giant tortoise breeding sanctuary in the world. After all, a giant tortoise deserves a giant sanctuary.