Desroches Island is at the centre of a coral atoll and natural marine sanctuary blessed with flourishing marine life and multi coloured coral outcrops. Protected from commercial fishing practices and 230 km from Mahe-Seychelles, the isolated location of Desroches Island ensures that scuba divers can enjoy an aqua marine spectacle like no other. With over 18 classified dive sites to choose from and a vast amount of virgin reef still to be explored, Desroches Island is arguably the best place in the Seychelles for scuba diving. Forming part of the Amirantes outer islands (considered some of the most pristine and untouched islands in the world), Desroches Island offers a pure diving experience guaranteed to produce a wildly wonderful underwater paradise....

Top 5 Down Under Sites

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Canyon: A natural formation of big stone blocks creating very exciting swim troughs and a real canyon (long and narrow) where lots of soft corals and gorgonian fan corals grow. The fish life is remarkable on this dive site: big shoals of snappers and fusiliers, sweetlips, sleeping stingrays and nurse sharks enjoy this spot for a little nap underneath the big rocks.

Big Cave: This deep, dark mystical underwater cave is an exhilirating challenge for experienced divers. The long tunnel is 6m wide and goes straight into the reef wall – ending after 60m in a big round room. Sometimes we come across sleeping nurse sharks here or turtles that were searching for a quiet place to rest. The return leads back out to the rays of sunlight piercing the ocean entrance to the cave.

Airport Reef: A large overhang is the main attraction to explore on this dive site. Come across one of the famous sea grass pipefish living together with napoleons and bumphead parrotfish. Grey reef sharks and turtles may also swim your way. The rest of the wall is completely covered with many colourful soft corals.


scuba diving seychellesSecret Passage: Away from the main reef a huge rock with a secret passage leads as a tunnel from 24 m up to 18 m inside. It is home to many lionfish, lobsters and glassfish. Once outside again, the water is full of fusiliers, snappers and young barracudas.

Mini Wall: While drifting along this beautiful wall explore the larger and smaller overhangs which are full of soft corals and gorgonian fan corals. Spot special kinds of nudi branches or snails as well as a variety of moray eels. In the open water eagle rays, turtles and napoleons are often encountered.

The above mentioned dive sites are only a small selection – we have many more world class and certified dive sites to visit – from easier dives for beginners up to challenging sites for experienced and more advanced divers.

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